Lauren Babineau                                          VICTORIA. BC.

A few titles for me may include: Triathlete, Cyclist, Runner, Account Executive, Outdoor Enthusiast, Handy(wo)man, and Energizer Bunny. (I secretly want to add "The Female James Bond" up there. . .but it's "Babineau. Lauren Babineau")

 I love being the first person awake in the house, I am not afraid to ask questions and speak my mind (although I make up words sometimes), I aim to live each day as a new adventure, and I am learning to be patient. . .

I've got a big personality; known for my playfulness and good-humored antics. But I've also got a reputation as 'the girl who goes for it'. I'm constantly designing a life I love. I create--and take advantage of opportunities that come my way and I work really, really hard.

I have recently turned (newbie) Pro Ironman triathlete. Focusing on the 70.3 distance. (Neato)

I have also teamed up with Jessica Tuomela. Despite the trauma of being fully blind by retinoblastoma at the age of 3, Jessica has never shied away from challenges. She is a three-time Canadian Paralympic swimmer, Paralympic silver medalist, and has her masters degree in social work. We are aiming for the podium at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. (Super badass)

Triathlon is an individual sport--normally. I've found a way to truly make it a team sport. . .and I couldn't be more excited about the journey we are on.

So that being said. . I am known to do things a bit differently than the norm. I like to figure out new approaches to common. I like to work hard behind the scenes and kick ass on race day. Here's to opening up my story 'behind the scenes'. . . 

I hope to inspire, relate, educate, and grow with you at