Lauren Babineau                                          VICTORIA. BC.

A few titles for me may include: Triathlete, Runner, Account Executive, Business Woman, Outdoor Enthusiast, Handy(wo)man, and Energizer Bunny. (I secretly want to add "The Female James Bond" up there. . .but it's "Babineau. Lauren Babineau")

 I love being the first person awake in the house, I am not afraid to ask questions and speak my mind, I make up words sometimes, I aim to live each day as a new adventure, and I am learning to be patient. . .

 So why create a website? 

We live in a knowledge-based society. We are surrounded by every conceivable opportunity to develop ourselves and become the kind of person we truly want to be. . .To develop the kinds of skills, talents, and abilities, to live our best life. . .Cheers to that! A website is simply one tool for me to connect, grow, document, discover, and share.

You'll find out quickly that athletics is one (large) channel in my life that I thrive upon; it's another 'limb' of who I am. Triathlon, in particular, fits me like a glove (because one sport just isn't enough).  However I'd consider myself fairly well rounded with the variety of physical, social, intellectual, and (perhaps even) spiritual activities I incorporate into my life.

That being said - I am known to do things a bit differently than 'the norm'. I like to figure out new approaches to common tasks. I like to work hard behind the scenes and kick ass on race day. Here's to opening up my story 'behind the scenes'. . . 

Triathlon is an individual sport – I created this site with triathlete’s in mind as I think it's better to share an experience and be held accountable to my goals. I hope to inspire, relate, educate, and grow with you at 

And I believe that: Feedback is the best breakfast, so please - get in touch with me!