2017 world triathlon champs - rotterdam

“I know tomorrow’s race day and the weather may be highly questionable but don’t bother telling me to keep calm. I’m Canadian. We invented that $hit. So as for this drizzle? Ain’t as cold as having to wear my snowsuit underneath my little mermaid Halloween costume. We Canadians are bringing our ‘eh’ game. ‘Sorry’ (not sorry).”

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2017 World Duathlon Champs - Penticton

I didn’t feel like my usual self before this race. It’s been 6 weeks of pain around my hips when running – which means I haven’t been running... And I LOVE running! Gee dang it. I was told by a couple of people I probably shouldn’t do this race. I pretended to consider the thought with them, but deep down I knew I would line up on that start line – some way, somehow – I would be lying if I said I considered it.

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West shore triathlon - langford

I first want to mention how awesome it was that this race was SOLD OUT prior to race day. I see more and more local triathlon races being cancelled…so it’s great to see the local support is still out here. Local is the new black.

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Ottawa international triathlon - Can

I've got my proud pants on. I pulled together a solid race this weekend.

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ironman victoria 70.3

I've got the bug back!

This past Sunday I competed in the Ironman Victoria 70.3 (June 4th). First triathlon of the season! AKA "Mission: Bust the Rust"

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BMO half marathon

I lost my ego somewhere – it’s been humbling not having it.

How do I identify myself without my achievements? How do I stop myself from needing to win? Who am I without my reputation?

I ran the BMO Half Marathon today. I wasn’t ready but I ran it.

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World Triathlon Championships - cozumel 

cozumel, you are a HOT ONE                                                    

This past weekend I competed in the 2016 World Triathlon Championships in Cozumel, Mexico. 1.5km Swim / 40km Ride / 10km Run.

The beaches and roads of paradise were decorated in racing bibs instead of beach towels, and toned (crazy) athletes instead of tourists. Nearly 3,000 age group athletes from 62 countries traveled to Cozumel to partake in the 2016 Triathlon World Championships. Each athlete earned their right to represent their country, and worked hard all year long for the chance to compete against the best of the best in their field.

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Kelowna apple triathlon

And I didn’t even have to fly to Rio to stand on a podium

The Apple Triathlon has been an icon since 1983; it was Simon Whitfield’s first Olympic distance race in 1992 and one of Paula Findlay’s favourite local races she competed in for 5 years in a row. I, however, am not Simon Whitfield, nor am I Paula Findlay. I am Lauren Babineau. And I didn’t even have to fly to Rio to stand on a podium.

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ironman whistler 70.3

My thoughts before a race are usually pretty simple ...

I tell myself “deep breath, race your race, channel your energy - focus” and then I funnel out of the starting arches amongst the other participants. I press 'start' on my watch. I take one more mental snap shot of the morning mist rising off the lake…the lush green trees…the snow-capped mountains…God I love Whistler. I focus my gaze dead ahead on the first red swim buoy – do a few dolphin dives – and I’m off.

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Subaru vancouver 5150

Life is a journey, not a race                                              

On most days I agree with that quote. But not yesterday.

Yesterday was race day.

And it was sweet.

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