cozumel, you are a hot one

Once upon a time I was a little girl who told people all of her wildest dreams and believed she could do anything. . . I said "I'll be the best triathlete in the world someday and travel to far off exotic places..."  And on this past weekend - well - that's all not really true! 

Cozumel 1.jpg

I was quite an imaginative kid...

However, I didn't even know what the heck a triathlon was.

But let me tell you how this weekend’s victory actually started 3 years ago…

In 2013, I competed in the World Duathlon Championships held in Ponteverde, Spain. 10km Run / 40km Ride / 5km Run. The last 5km run was the hardest run to finish in my entire athletic career to date. The hot weather sucked the life out of me. I hit a wall. I literally collapsed over the fence. I wanted to stop. I needed to stop. I stopped. Darn heat.

If you would have seen me leaning over the race fencing, you would have seen how broken I was. But because my heart was naked enough and exposed enough to break that visibly, I believe it was also priming me to do something extraordinary. . .

On this past weekend I competed in the 2016 World Triathlon Championships in Cozumel, Mexico

1.5km Swim / 40km Ride / 10km Run.

The beaches and roads of paradise were decorated in racing bibs instead of beach towels, and toned (crazy) athletes instead of tourists. Nearly 3,000 age group athletes from 62 countries travelled to Cozumel to partake in the 2016 Triathlon World Championships. Each athlete earned their right to represent their country, and worked hard all year long for the chance to compete against the best of the best in their field.

It's been an interesting experience learning to acclimatize to the heat (the part I was most nervous about); ultimately my goal was to familiarize and train myself to be able to thrive in such a challenging (hot) race environment.

Leading up to race day, I did everything in my power to stick to my training regime, nutrition/hydration plan, and keep my mind in a positive/”chill” state.

Cozumel 3.jpg

Swim /

Easily the most picturesque swim course.

“GOOOO!!” OooOooOoo colourful fishies! “COME ON!!” Hey look at the reef! “ALMOST THERE!!” Holy moly this is salty J

Bike /

Crushed it. Had one of the top 5 best bike splits out of 500+ women.

Run /


No shade.

Like running in an oven.

I grabbed 3 cups of ice water as I ran by each aid station. One I threw over my head. Another down the back of my neck. And the last one I attempted to drink as much as I could while running.

5th female in my field (1st Canadian across the line). I know I would have liked to have nabbed a podium position...however 5th ‘in the world' is a pretty cool feat.

I've had a poor race resume in the past with races in the heat, and today was a challenge like never before - HOT is an understatement - and I finished well. Smiling. Feeling good. 'Bouncy' even. So I'll take that victory and call that a good end to a great season.

Therefore my ‘once upon a time’ is still in the works. . .Every tomorrow is a new chapter. And my book is getting interesting.