i've got the bug back!

I raced the Ironman Victoria 70.3 this past Sunday.

victoria 70.3 run.jpg

Race day morning – I sat in the passenger seat with Kira on my lap (our 3 month old Springer Spaniel…who I can already tell will have a severe ‘lap dog syndrome’ when she’s fully grown).

While dad drove us to the race site (at 4:55 AM) he asked me what my plan was for the day… I must admit – I let my mind think and my mouth speak at the same time "This is my first triathlon of the season. I have a bit of cob webs to clear out. And my body is finally starting to feel race ready… So I'm just going to be smart. Pace it comfortably. Don't forget to eat and drink! And I want to feel awesome. All the way to the finish line – and after!".

victoria 70.3 podium.jpg

1,500 of us lined up at the swim start and started to funnel out after the gun went off at 6:08 AM. I think it’s interesting how there are 1,500 people here ready to do the same thing for the next 4 - 8 hours…we’re all looking at the same stars but see such different things. Some there for the first time, some for the 10th time, some for the challenge, conquering fears, representing loved ones, seeing what they’re made of, and so on…  and here we all are about to say ‘yes’ to 1900m swim, 90 KM bike ride and a 21 KM run.

My SWIM was smooth. Water was a great temperature. My BIKE was quite a ripper actually! (Proud of that. Impressed a couple guys I was riding near – but that’s nothing new.) and my RUN was A-OK. The run definitely wasn't as fast as I could be but I felt very fluid and strong – no cramping – no heaviness – no struggles. Just a comfortable and consistent Sunday morning run. I came across the finish line smiling and with more left in my tank (even cleaned the house and mowed the lawn after). Plan executed perfectly. I was the 3rd female finisher overall – 9th including the pro women.

I know racing isn’t linear but this is a heck of a great start to my race season. I’ve got the bug back! Here’s to more days that end with my feet dirty, hair messy, and eyes sparkling.