Are you ready for a cup of positivitea? Because I brewed a big pot of it.

Langford Tri.jpg

Yesterday, sunday july 9th

I competed in the Langford Triathlon. And I first want to mention how awesome it was that this race was SOLD OUT prior to race day. I see more and more local triathlon races being cancelled…so it’s great to see the local support is still out here. Local is the new black.

SWIM. I was in Langford Lake at 6:40 AM, 10 minutes before start time. An hour and 20 minutes before I really wanted to wake up. I felt in control though. Came out of the water in 3rd.

BIKE. Was in the fast lane. I posted the fastest women’s time of the day and only 3 guys biked faster than I did.  #girlpower. Came off the bike in 1st.

RUN. Hurt. I’ve been working with a run coach and my hips are taking their sweet time adjusting to a new stride. But I hobbled along. Finished the run in 1st. And that was that. I was the 1st female of the day – 4th overall if you include all the men. That’s pretty cool. But effortless? I wouldn’t say so… I did feel completely at ease throughout this race though. Perhaps it was the mental state I had coming into it – I was calm, I had a fun Friday night and a chill Saturday. I hung with friends, played basketball, video games, made omlettes, drank wine, reconditioned my lawnmower (new oil, new spark plug and sharpened the blade), laughed and then raced a triathlon Sunday morning. And won. No big deal.

I do what makes me happy and that makes all the difference. There are thousands of different diagnoses and diseases out there…and I think they all result from one thing: stress. If you put enough stress on the chain (on your system), then one of the links break…and then another…and then another… This may be a stretch – but what if INcurable really means “curable from within”. Maybe that’s a bit hokey-pokey for some but stop stressing, stop being stupid. If you act stupid, then I will treat you like a glow stick. I will snap you and then shake the crap out of you until the light goes on. Our greatest ability is to choose.

Have a fantastic week!

Edmonton Triathlon is up next for me at the end of this month.

Until then…!