ottawa international triathlon - canadian Champs

I've got my proud pants on. I pulled together a solid race this weekend. I competed in the OTTAWA INTERNATIONAL TRIATHLON – Canadian Championships – Olympic distance on Saturday, June 17th.

This provided a perfect scenario for me to practice 'the art of travelling and racing'. It's harder than it seems: to sufficiently pack yourself to compete in three sports (the bike being the most demanding), travelling by plane, adjusting to a time change, sticking to your nutrition plan, and not getting sick. I'd say I passed with flying colours! "Easy peasy" I commonly say.



Came early. 4:00 AM alarm to be exact. (Good thing I respond well to melatonin. Popped 5mg under the tongue at 8:00 PM the night before and I was out like a light.)

Man, one of my favourite things about this race was we didn't have to check our bikes in the night before, so I was able to load a backpack with all my race essentials and warm up on my bike on the way to transition. So great. There's something quite extraordinary about biking around a city at 5:00 AM on a weekend morning - its dead - deserted. I feel like a little kid again and want to bike here! And there! And go fast! And corner hard! And ride in the middle of a 6 lane road...just because I can. 


Comfortably uncomfortable. Warm. We were allowed to wear our wet suits which adds a bit of extra speed - cut off temperature for use of wet suits is 22-degrees and the water was 21.6-degrees. Talk about cutting it close. Came out of the water as 6th female.


Lovely. Biked alongside the canal. Fairly flat and winding. To have water on one side and trees one the other side was awesome. I motored. Came off the bike as 3rd female.


4 laps up a devilish incline and down...up and down...up and down. Tough to get a good rhythm going - you're torching the quads both ways. But I remained patient. My coach yelled I was 55 seconds back. On my second lap I gained 25 seconds already. I passed 2nd place on my third lap and then ran what I could until the finish line. Finished 2nd female overall for the day. Solid. A solid finish. 

After the race I felt great – I walked the rest of the day on foot around the city – my watch had over 50,000 steps that day. It's amazing how much you can accomplish if you start your day at 4:00 AM. Its interesting travelling solo. It’s quieter, but I like doing what I want when I want. You are 100% responsible for yourself. And I like it that way. I don't travel solo to find myself, learn how capable I am, or to prove anything. I want to explore and have a good time. That’s all. And besides, I rock an independent, wake up and make shit happen kinda vibe. 95% of the time.

I say be so busy living a life you love that you don't have time for hate, regret and fear. I hate to see people settle. Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live dreams, take risks, just go for it. Those words are inspiring to me. You are the most powerful when your mind is filled with positive thoughts. Some of my favourite days end with my hair messy, body completely exhausted but mind on fire.

My point is goals…dreams…can only come true if we have the courage to pursue them in the first place. It’s simple. But commonly not so simply. Screw the hey-look-how-cool-my-life-is culture on social media. Do you. And learn to be OK being vulnerable. Learn to be OK losing. I know those feelings well. It’s always temporary. And if Grandpa had a low day back then he’d simply say “Gee golly, I feel like a cow pile today. But that’s life – now back to shoveling hay.”Because yes…it always seems impossible until it’s done.

So what's up next for me? A local race in Victoria and then off to Edmonton!