2017 World duathlon championships - penticton

At 4:30 AM on race morning (Monday, August 21st) I rolled over to shut the alarm off on my phone and then proceeded to scroll through a couple of “Good luck! Have fun!” texts. Nice. Then I started to prep for the 2017 World Duathlon Championships in Penticton. It’s finally here.

I didn’t feel like my usual self before this race. It’s been 6 weeks of pain around my hips when running – which means I haven’t been running... And I LOVE running! Gee dang it. I was told by a couple of people I probably shouldn’t do this race. I pretended to consider the thought with them, but deep down I knew I would line up on that start line – some way, somehow – I would be lying if I said I considered it. Was I physically 100% ready for this race? Nope. Should I be smart and bail on this race? Nope. Could I injure myself further? Nope (call me crazy but I know my body pretty well and didn’t sense this would cause further harm). So screw it. I raced.


A Duathlon is RUN – BIKE – RUN. 10K – 40K – 5K. (It’s a stupid sport really. Your poor legs!)

The starting horn went off at 7:03 AM and the group of us women charged forward. I didn’t charge forward that hard though…whereas a group of girls practically sprinted off the start line…I was surprised. It’s a 10K! And you’re moving like a 100m race! What the heck! …Actually… Go for it. Please. Pick up the pace even. Helps me slowly pick you off as your legs tire before our 40K ride and another 5K run. Thanks for the sacrifice. I need all I can with my bum hips.


12 girls ahead of me as we transitioned onto the bike. The bike was lakeside along the highway. Flat. Fast. Although wind in one direction toughened it up.

5 girls ahead of me as we transitioned onto the last run. This is when some pain kicked in for me. Two laps though. I’ve only got two laps to go and every step gets me closer to that finish line. My runner’s logic kicked in at the right time: I hurt and I’m tired. Run faster so this can be over faster. It worked pretty well. 

I finished 5th on the day. And 5th, in the world, in my age group isn’t too shabby. It gave me a bit of a confidence boost I’ve needed recently – I’m proud. Some say too much pride is a bad thing. But too little of it is just as true.

Powerful and strong doesn’t always lead to trophies and bright smiles. Sometimes it bum hips or bloody lips heading steadfast towards what you really want. I’m used to having dirt under my fingernails. And at the end of the day I would rather say “I should could would did”.                

Up next…and last race of this season… Grand Final in Rotterdam!